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The Hambletonian is a United States harness racing event held annually for three-year-old trotting standardbreds. The race is named for the famous trotting horse, Hambletonian 10 (1849-1876), from whose four sons, the lineage of virtually all American standardbred race horses can be traced. It is the most coveted North American race for trotters; among races for pacers, only the Little Brown Jug is as prestigious.
The Hambletonian is the first, and most prestigious event in the United States Trotting Triple Crown races.

Hambletonian Winners

  • Until 1976, there were two heats, and a horse had to win both of them to win. If a different horse won the two heats, a third heat was held, and if a different horse won the third heat, the three winners would come back for a three-horse raceoff. The last time the Hambletonian went four heats was 1976, when Steve Lobell prevailed in near-100 degree heat, prompting changes in the format.
In 1980, the format was changed to two eliminations and a final. If the final was won by a horse who did not win the elimination, a third heat was held, again in the three-horse raceoff format.
In 1989, no separate eliminations were held, due to a shortage of horses, so they returned to the two-heat/runoff format. The first heat was won by Probe, and the second heat was won by Park Avenue Joe. In the race-off, the two horses finished in a dead heat. Standings were compiled by total placings in all three heats, as a result of the tie. Probe was 1st and 9th in the first two heats. Park Avenue Joe was 2nd and 1st in the first two heats. Therefore, Park Avenue Joe was declared the winner. However, the official Hambletonian website now lists both horses as co-winners.
Since 1997, the format was changed to its current version, with eliminations the week before the final. Purists would argue that this is not the original spirit of the Hambletonian, which was designed as much as an endurance competition as one for speed.

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